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Saturday, 1 Aug 2015


The Stuews meet up at EAA AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Stu describes a good tail wind while flying an Extreme Decathlon. Mike flew his trusty Cessna 180, and Stew flew in the back of a Southwest 737.
AirVenture 2015

Stew announces his new position as Chief Pilot for Stu’s US Sport Aircraft and Mike details his experience flying the FISKE arrival into Oshkosh.

The Stuews also describe some of the new and interesting things they’ve seen at the show. These include:
  • Dynon SkyView ADS-B Out
  • Coradine Log X Pro
  • Apple Watch


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Show notes: http://www.pilotsjourneypodcast.com/PJP055
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