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Thursday, 17 Nov 2011

In this episode, the Stews discuss the SportCruiser LSA, tail wheel flying, Crew Resource Management (CRM), a product review, featured site and more.
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SportCruiser Since the last episode, CFIStew had joined PilotStu as an instructor at US Sport Aircraft in Addison, Texas (KADS). Stew describes his first impressions of the SportCruiser LSA, and a discussion ensues about the "wing low" vs. "crab" methods of crosswind correction during landing approaches. Mike also joins in with his recent experiences learning to fly the J3 Cub.

Crew Resource Management Stew discusses the an article he recently read about Crew Resource Management (CRM). The article, from Robert Buck's book The Pilot's Burden: Flight safety and the roots of pilot error describes how psychologists are attempt to remaking the pilot by emphasising teamwork and personal dynamics over pilot skills and leadership or command authority.

Tailwheel 101 Mike reviews several videos on transitioning to taildraggers. His favorite, Damian DelGaizo’s Tailwheel: 101, is a $45 DVD that presents the material in a realistic, easy to follow and professional manner. The videos are available from our friend and sponsor, CrazedPilot.com at a 15% discount if you include the promo code Journey when you checkout.

FunPlacesToFly.com Stu introduces us to FunPlacesToFly.com. This site includes a database of thousands of fun destinations that pilots can fly to for the $150 hamburger, shopping, museums, and other activities. When visiting the site, you can enter a home airport identifier or zip code, and a travel radius. The results will show a current, well developed list of destinations and activities near airports within your specified radius.

Our Aviation Challenge from last episode was in honor of the Fort Worth Alliance Airshow. We asked you to send us links to your favorite online airshow video. We had a lot of great entries and we've listed the winners here:

Runner Up:
Bill Adams sent us a link to this video of the Heavy Metal Jet Team, featuring John Baum, our guest from episode 26. The video is of a performance in Houston in October of 2011.
Todd Stableford sent us a video of Kyle Franklin's comedy act. In this act, Kyle, playing the role of a somewhat inebriated "Ben Whabnoski", steals a Cub and manages to slip and slide it through the air. For his entry, Todd receives his choice of a WindTee t-shirts, or a CrazedPilot.com cap.


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