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Monday, 24 Dec 2012

Cessna 182RG Stew recounts his second and third "events" with a student's Censsna 182 - The same 182 that shut down an airport in the Mayhem episode. He had a partial engine failure on takeoff and later loses the vacume pump shortly after completing 6 hours of IFR flight.
Crosswind in a Cub Mike describes crosswind landing practice in the Cub with a 28 knot, 50 degree crosswind.

MyFlightCoach.com Chris Findley Our guest this time is Chris Findley - host of the MyFlightCoach.com podcast, author and creator of a unique checkride prep tool. Chris discusses the phases students go through during training, things he's seen in checkrides, ways to prepare and challenges he has getting students in the right frame of mind for a practical test.

Merry Christmas from the Pilot's Journey Podcast


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