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Monday, 3 Jan 2011


Major John Baum This episode we welcome Major John Baum, USAF. John has just completed a tour as left wing for the US Air Force Jet Demonstration Team, the Thunderbirds. He now prepares for new civilian adventures with Heavy Metal, an L39 Jet Demonstration Team and Air Combat Ace, a place where you can try your hand at dogfighting in an Extra 330.
Heavy Metal Jet Team
Heavy Metal Jet Team
Air Combat Ace
Air Combat Ace
Breaking out on final CFI Stew returns this month to catch up on Mike's commercial ticket and Pilot Stu's slate of FAA written exams.

We also hear about Mike's first trip into Class-Alpha, and that oh-so-special feeling of breaking out of clouds with a runway lined up in front of you.

WindTee Here is your chance to win a WindTee Altimeter TShirt! Listen to the show for the CFI Stew Aviation Trivia Question. Then email your answer to . Creativity counts! Each host will select his favorite answer and a random drawing will determine the winner from those favorites. Entries must be received by 0800Z on January 31st, 2011.


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