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Thursday, 28 Jan 2010

In this episode we talk to P.J. Gustafson, the Wings and Wheels Coordinator of The 1940 Air Terminal Museum at Houston’s Hobby Airport. He describes the museum, its events and the 1958 Cessna 175 being raffled off this year.

PJ In the left seat of N9379B

The 1940 Air Terminal Museum

2009-2010 Win-A-Plane prize

Future pilot

N9379B takes to the skies

IFR Equipped

Episode Links
1940 Air Terminal Museum web site
2009-2010 Win-A-Plane details
Flying Tigers Flight School
Max Tribolet Photography
Blair McFarlain Photography

Episode 11 - P.J. Gustafson of The 1940 Air Terminal Museum

Thursday, 14 Jan 2010

In this episode we talk to David Kruger, president of The Aircraft Partnership Association. He describes how pilots can find other pilots in their area which might be a good fit for a joint aircraft ownership group.
The APA Pilots Lounge
The APA Pilot’s Lounge

Episode Links
Can I really afford an airplane?
APA Shared Ownership Cost Calculator
(Excel spreadsheet - PC users right-click and choose Save Target As…)

Episode 10 - David Kruger of the Aircraft Partnership Association