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Sunday, 11 Mar 2012

In this episode we hear about runway closures, engine seizures, radio failures, emergency electrical problems and other manners of mayhem. We also have a product review and information about our live episode from Sun-n-Fun 2012.

Live Show at Sun-n-Fun 2012
Join the Pilot's Journey Podcast for a live show on the Sun-n-Fun radio deck Thursday evening, March 29, 2012 at 5:30 pm Eastern time.


The CFIStew NOTAM Stu was left circling KADS (Addison, TX) after a runway closure. Numerous flights were unable to get in or out of the airport due to a disabled aircraft on the runway.

Meanwhile, Stew was on runway 15 at KADS with a Cessna 182RG that refused to turn left (obviously not a NASCAR fan...) Stew and his student were taxing into take off position when the nose gear linkage and brakes failed. With a bit of skill and a lot of luck, Stew was able to stop the Cessna only inches from a shredded runway edge light.

Seized piston ring Mike had a few adventures of his own. While flying his J3 Cub, he encountered a rough running engine. The power production was reduced to the point Mike turned around shortly after departure to make a precautionary landing. The tower controllers at KIDA (Idaho Falls, ID) were on the ball and provided quick and efficient service to get Mike and his cub down safely.

At the time, Mike did not declare an emergency. In retrospect, he's not sure that was the right decision.

Going NORDO Not to be outdone, Stew also had a recent radio failure while flying with a student. He describes the symptoms, what he did to troubleshoot, and how the controllers responded as he tried to enter busy, controlled airspace with a one-way radio.

Down to minimums Mike declared the "E" word after experiencing alternator problems in flight. With a battery that was steadily discharging, he had to shoot an approach into an airport that could service is ailing electrical system on the Cessna 206. At the end of the approach, he found we was not able to make out the runway environment. That forced a missed approach with an uncertain outcome.

Ski Flying: 101 Mike reviews Ski Flying: 101 by Damian DelGaizo from CrazedPilot.com. In this $18 DVD, you can get some introductory training to flying on skis. Mike found the video to be very well made, informative and entertaining.


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